Blog upgrade

I upgraded the weblog to Blogger beta in hopes of finding a smoother interface, but so far it’s kind of awkward and confusing. Please let me know if things are displaying differently or if comments are disabled for anonymous users or anything.

Update: I re-enabled anonymous posting and added the search bar (searches this blog only). Thanks for the comments!

6 thoughts on “Blog upgrade

  1. Oh Wait! I think I see it now. SOm eof the buttons in the editor are different. Smoother? Maybe. I’ll do some tests.

  2. I have to say, it displays the comments OK for me (the newer look). It seems faster. Smoother – – -ohhhhhh ya. I like it.

  3. Thanks! I just noticed that a message below the comment box says “This blog does not allow anonymous comments.” I had that fixed before, so I guess I have to reset it.

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