More artifacts

Did another search of the LOC and came across a few more pictures I’d overlooked before, including terrific ones of Alice Roosevelt’s bedroom, McKinley’s Blue Room, pre-FDR West Wing, and Wilson’s ridiculous sheep.

2 thoughts on “More artifacts

  1. Great pictures! But notice one thing in the Blue Room. The new picture (circa 1901) is a different shot taken at the same time (probably)as the one labeled Circa 1890 by Frances Benjamin Johnston. Look particularly at the wall panels with framed sections and the mirror over the Fireplace. They are identical in both photos. The Harrison photo shows the room in a different style.

  2. Good eyes! I compared the new pic to the one I’ve labeled “circa 1894,” but I didn’t even notice that the one I had even earlier was nearly identical. I’m slightly more confident that these are later, so I’ve put them together as c1898 and c1901. I found a pic with that decor in Seale, p. 168.

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