West Wing second floor

I added a page for the second floor of the West Wing, similar to the one for the East Wing. I’ve hesitated up till now because:

  • There’s not much there other than ordinary working offices
  • The furnishings and occupants of those offices change pretty frequently
  • I don’t have many good contemporary photos
  • I don’t have any historical photos

However, it’s interesting to see the general look of it at least. The photos were provided (like most of the contemporary photos and layout of the West Wing) by Pete Sharkey from a White House video of some sort. Thanks Pete!

One thought on “West Wing second floor

  1. I can’t believe I never told you the name of the video. I believe it’s an NBC News documentary by Tom Brokaw from 2002 called “Inside the Real West Wing”. You can’t get it anywhere cheap. I had to get it from an education supplies distribution company in New York. And it was moocho $$$. But it was worth it. Seeing what the rest of the inside of that building looked like was like 3 Christmas’s combined for me.

    It is DVD format. I honestly can’t explain why the picture is not so great. Could be that they recorded it on tape and transferred it to DVD later.

    Pete 🙂

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