Miscellaneous pics

Added half a dozen more pictures from those sent by Pete Sharkey, including LBJ in the Cabinet Room, listening to heart-wrenching tapes from his son-in-law in Vietnam; Hillary redecorating the Blue Room; Mamie in a storage room and the laundry in the basement; and the White House draped in black crepe (for, I think, Harding; Pete thinks Lincoln); and the mysterious Secret Service Office (or, at least, the “lounge” part of it) on the West Wing ground floor.

Update: The black crepe was for Garfield.

2 thoughts on “Miscellaneous pics

  1. Actually, the White House draped in black is at the time of Garfield’s assasination. I have seen this picture before.

    The picture is too clear to be from the Lincoln era and, by the death of Harding, such Victorian excess had been discarded.

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