Hubert Humphrey revisited

In the comments of the Humphrey funeral post, visitor Patsyq asked for information about the services, specifically, the choir and music:

I hope someone reading this can help me…. I know it is off-topic but concerns HHH’s funeral. I have been unable to find (by googling) a program for his 1978 funeral, to include the names of the choirs and the music played.

Can someone help? Thank you.

I passed the question along to Jack M, who dug up the quote from Time that settled where the picture was taken, but I also did some digging of my own. I found a quote from a minister about how President Carter supposedly* went to Nixon, who was sitting in the back, and asked him to sit up front with the first family.

* My grandfather was a Baptist evangelist, so I know that you can’t trust even a minister’s apocryphal stories.

I also found a link to an NBC news report (with proto-news-babe Jessica Savitch) where some additional info is provided. Anyone who might have stumbled across choir or music info about the HHH services might respond to help Patsyq out. She has her own blog called NOLA-girl.