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Cracked open my new copy of WHHA’s History 1 this weekend and added a couple of historical pics from it (TR’s 2nd floor Central Hall and Blue (Lincoln) Bedroom) and a couple of current ones from the White House site (Family Dining Room, WW Colonnade). I also got the videos I ordered: Nat’l Geo’s Inside the White House, Backstairs at the White House, Echoes from the White House, and Brick. A double viewing of Brick revealed that it is a clever, tense murder mystery in the film noir style set in a modern high school and has nothing to do with the White House. Imagine my disappointment.

Added a couple new reviews from Pete S. I’ll post the movie page officially soon.

2 thoughts on “Books and videos

  1. You’ll enjoy the NG Inside the WH. I’ve had it for a couple of years and it’s really a gem.

  2. You found Backstairs at the White House? That was a great mini-series, but I’ve never seen it aired more than once!

    I agree, the NG Inside the White House is great!

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