Second floor layout

Just posted a revised layout of the Residence second floor. By reviewing the floorplans at the back of Designing Camelot, I found that my source layout, even with changes I’d made from my own research, didn’t quite have the east end right. The closets are arranged rather differently and most of the walls are not the full thickness of the outer walls like they are on the first floor. This has the happy result of doubling my confidence that the kitchen elevator and spiral stairs both go all the way to the second floor at the west end. DC also has a partial third floor layout, so my half-completed redrawing of the third floor will now be better informed also.

Also, last night, I added a few of those new Truman West Wing photos I found on the UMD NARA site, including the old West Wing Lobby, the President’s Secretary’s Office (with a good view of the doors to the OO and the Rose Garden), and the OO before Truman changed the decor, finally giving a really good look at the Roosevelt window treatments (I liked them so much I did a close-up). Unfortunately, no pics of the old bowling alley or the pre-1952 elevators.

Speaking of close-ups, a while back I did a close-up of the TR trophies in the State Dining Room. Since the LOC and UMD NARA sites offer very hi-res images, I may do more of these in the future. Sometimes even a hi-res photo can be of very low quality (over- or underexposed), but sometimes the focus and tone are so clean that it allows us a peek into the room that the subject and photographer never intended.