Nixon and Hoover(!)

I would never have imagined a year ago that I would get excited about finding 17 pages of an unpublished manuscript by Lou Hoover. But after adding several photos from the UMD NARA site from the Nixon era, I looked again at the Hoover papers and discovered Mrs. Hoover’s unpublished partial history of the White House, complete with contemporary pictures! I find Mrs. Hoover’s style to be so charming (if ideosynchratic) that I added a couple of quotes directly from the pages. But the real treasures are the high-resolution images of the pages featuring photos of rooms from about 1930.

Also– added a page for the WW Lobby. Pictures of this space are scarce, but Pete Sharkey’s 3D recreation provides a great view (thanks again, Pete!). When his project is further along, I’ll start linking to all his 3D White House models on Google.