Hoover, Truman, and Camelot

Added the rest of the Hoover pics. Visitor Dennis corrected my placement of a couple of images already as he graciously has in the past. They were actually Hoover-era Lincoln Bedroom photos, of which I already had one, but they’re good photos and nicely document the era. Getting help getting these details right is very gratifying. The mistakes and shoulder-shrugging I’ve found in the official archive sites attests to how tricky it can be.

I re-searched the Roosevelt and Ike files and still came up with nothing. For the heck of it, even tho I already have a million Truman pics, I looked at the Truman archive and found a half million more good images. What the heck were Roosevelt’s photographers taking pictures of? German u-boats?

However, much more important, after reviewing the floor plans in the back of Designing Camelot (one of the books I just got), I find I have a couple of details about the second floor wrong and a clearer view of what the third floor should look like. Sooo, I’ll be redrawing them again soon.