Kennedy and GHW Bush years

Finished poring over the Carter pictures at UMD’s NARA site and processing some for inclusion in the site (and linking back to the page with hi-res versions). Then I moved on to Kennedy. Unfortunately, it appears that there aren’t nearly as many images in the pre-Carter collections on that site (oddly, the Kennedy pics are better preserved; not nearly as dingy altho with lots more dust). I found several good ones from the Kennedy era and moved on to George HW Bush. The Bush Library site has a good selection of large photos that I’ve already studied, so I didn’t find many good ones that I didn’t already have. Nothing from Hoover or FDR, unfortunately. I still have the Nixon and Reagan pictures to go thru.

Open note to UMD: the purpose of thumbnail images is to display many images on the same page. Putting each thumbnail on a separate page defeats the purpose, you dopes.