Carter photorama

Stumbled across the motherload of high-res archival photos from the Carter years. These seem to be some sort of demo done by the University of Maryland for the National Archives. It’s a very clunky interface, glacially slow, and often a crapshoot (click on a Menachem Begin visit, get Amy Carter posing with her cat Misty Malarkey Ying Yang) but far better than what the actual NARA site offers. Unfortunately, I had downloaded and processed about ten images from NARA’s Carter collection before finding this site, so there was a lot of rework.

The collection explicitly states what I already knew: that the Carters didn’t bother to have many photos taken in the residence. On the other hand, there’s a million shots of the president eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner with various guests. Just going by the photos, the guy should have outweighed Taft.