Encouraging words & newfound treasures

Got another terrific feedback note that included a little help on the Treaty Room and West Sitting Hall. I started linking the photo credit to the source image, partly to help prove that the West Sitting Hall photo was actually mislabeled by the Truman Library archives. Also, I found a fantastic resource in the Library of Congress by searching for “HABS” (Historical American Buildings Survey): Theodore Roosevelt-era hand-tinted super-high res versions of the same pics I’d been using to illustrate the TR era. Awesome. Some of those puppies are 130 MB TIFF files 7700 pixels across. Weirdly, altho these pics are labeled with a 1904 copyright by the original printer, the image of the Entrance Hall includes a portrait of TR, which seems odd to have while TR was still president. But the one of the President’s Office (rectangular version before the construction of the Oval Office) includes a calendar that is clearly May starting on a Sunday, which would definitely make it 1904.